Dieser Blog enthält Interviews, die ich anlässlich meiner AIR-Residency in Krems mit Wiener Improvisatoren geführt habe. 

This blog contains a collection of interviews I made during my AIR Residency in KREMS, in April 2016, with improvising musicians from Vienna. I met Tiziana Bertoncini, Thomas Lehn, Irene Kepl, Franz Hautzinger, Isabelle Duthoit, Burkhard Stangl, Cordula Bösze, Christian Reiner and Nina Polaschegg and asked them more or less the same questions.

The main interest about this work is driven by the idea that listening to improvisations does partially focus on other topics than listening to composed music. In composed music the use of the material and decisions can lead to a reflection on the ideas underlining the composers work. In improvisation the analysis of the material does not necessarily lead to any conclusions. Nonetheless many reviews of improvised music focus on nothing but playing techniques, involving awkward word inventions to describe what kind of noise was made. And unfortunately much too often that´s where it all ends.

I believe that improvisation is put together by interaction (of all kinds) rather than by material. So if you want to speak about improvisation you have to look at the interaction. So I started these interviews more or less around the question „is improvisation communication?“.

The interviews will be published one by one.

Oh, and one more thing: The language. The interview with Tiziana Bertoncini is in English, the one with Isabelle Duthoit in French and I am afraid the rest is in German.

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