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photo by Lenny Gonzales

Carl Ludwig Huebsch: „From the point of view as a listener Philip, how do you tell whether an improvisation is good or not?“

Phillip Greenlief: „Well, perhaps it’s easier to say what isn’t good than what is good. It’s hard to describe these things – but if the person playing seems in their head and self-possessed and not really thinking about the room – that’s not a good thing. But just when it’s good, I stop thinking. I’m just listening“

Huebsch: „What makes you feel good about contemporary improvisation?“

Greenlief: „When I’m listening to a great improviser, I just lose track of myself and my thinking. I’m not analyzing anything. I’m not saying ‘oh, they just did that again‘. I’m not arguing with the performance in my head. It’s communicating to me and I’m listening and I’m open and receptive. Sometimes it’s you, you can be tired and your mind just doesn’t want to pay attention. I think that’s the case with any art form, whether it’s a movie or a novel, or a painting in a gallery. „PHILLIP GREENLIEF“ weiterlesen


Carl Ludwig Hübsch: „Aurora, how do you tell whether an improvisation is good, from the point of view as a listener?“

Aurora Josephson: „I know an improvisation is good if I feel that I am in good hands; that the improvisers have the experience needed to keep not only my attention, but the attention of the entire audience, including those who have never heard an improvisation before. I believe this can happen with less experienced improvisors who have extensive training, but a bulk of the best improvisations I have heard have originated from players with over twenty years of experience improvising constantly.

I know the improvisation is good when I no longer think about the music in the context of improvisation, but as a stand-alone piece of music which transcends all musical genres.“

Huebsch: „Those ones who have practiced for more than 20 years raise your expectations. But in a concrete situation of music, are there any parameters for you which determine whether you don´t like what you hear?“

Josephson: „I would say when it is obvious someone is not listening, when people play over one another, when you…“

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