Carl Ludwig Hübsch: „Gino, from the point of a listener, how do you tell whether an improvisation is good or not?“

Gino Robair: „As I listen to the sounds, I want to feel like they have a sort of spontaneity and direction; that the musicians are not noodling, but are going in some sort of direction with the improvisation. So, that’s one thing I am listening for. Do they have intent, or are they looking for intent?

Second, I like it when the instruments are melding in such a way that I can’t always tell which person is making which sound.“

Hübsch: „Is there something an improviser has to know that an interpreter doesn’t have to know?“

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Carl Ludwig Huebsch: „Tom, from the point of view of a listener, how do you tell whether an improvisation is good or not?“

Tom Djll: „That’s a good question. For me it’s a sense of surprise – the initial surprise of a good improvisation. I hear something and I’ll go‚ ,Oh! I just did not expect that, and now I’m really intrigued and I’m waiting for the next surprise.‘ So that leads to anticipation, which generates a forward momentum. It’s like the music´s got energy, it’s moving forward.

As a listener, I want to feel there’s an energy that’s moving or building. Even in a static kind of real super reductionist improvisation, there is still a tension. It may not feel like it’s moving anywhere, but it’s tense and building the energy of anticipation.

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Carl Ludwig Hübsch: „Lisa, from the point of view as a listener, how do you tell whether an improvisation is good?“

Lisa Mezzacappa: „You’re starting with the tough ones right from the beginning…“

Huebsch: „What do you listen to if you sit in a concert?“

Mezzacappa: “I think as a listener, I can’t separate the feeling of being also a musician and improviser from being a listener. So I think even as a listener, I might be listening for the same things, which is a sense of immersion and a lack of self-consciousness on the part of the performers. I think that translates to me as something successful.“

Huebsch: “Can you explain that a little bit to me?“

Mezzacappa: „Sure. I guess when I can hear improvisers thinking, it has less of an impact on me. If I feel like they are getting lost in the moment and the interactions, that’s most powerful. Then, I’m also kind of transported as a listener, and in that sense, I feel like being a listener is „LISA MEZZACAPPA“ weiterlesen